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  • February 28, 2020 2:28 PM | Dana McKeon (Administrator)

    Building Codes

    BOMA Participates on the NFPA Reconditioned Electrical Equipment Taskforce

    BOMA International was invited by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to have a voting seat on the Reconditioned Electrical Equipment Taskforce. NFPA requested our participation as BOMA is the only national association representing major building owners that provides members with a building and fire code presence in building-related codes and standards. The taskforce was formed by NFPA to focus on the reuse of existing electrical equipment; restoration of damaged equipment following floods, fires and other natural disasters; and for equipment that becomes outdated and reserviced in lieu of replacement. The taskforce is currently focusing on definitions that affect reconditioning to make sure they are separate from what is considered ordinary repair and maintenance. BOMA is also working to remove language that refers to individuals performing any work as being a third party. BOMA’s position is that the requirements should focus on qualifications and training, which wou ld allow building owners to perform the work with qualified in-house staff.

  • February 28, 2020 2:27 PM | Dana McKeon (Administrator)

    Energy & Environment

    Apply for Recognition as a Green Lease Leader

    As BOMA members continue to lead the way on sustainability, we know that many of you are including “green” language in lease clauses and corporate guidelines. Be sure to get the recognition you deserve by applying to the Green Lease Leaders program. The deadline for the 2020 application period is March 31. Green Lease Leaders celebrates and validates leading-edge landlords, tenants, real estate teams and governments in the commercial office, retail and industrial sectors. If you’re driving higher performance in leased buildings by addressing energy efficiency and sustainability, visit Green Lease Leaders to see if you qualify for this national recognition.

  • February 28, 2020 2:27 PM | Dana McKeon (Administrator)


    BOMAPAC Raises $20,000 at Winter Business Meeting

    BOMAPAC launched its “$100K in 2020” fundraising initiative at the Winter Business Meeting. Reaching $100,000 in contributions this year is an ambitious, but entirely achievable, goal with the collective efforts of each member and BOMA local association. Our first fundraiser of the year, which took place during the meeting, exceeded all expectations and brought in $20,000—20 percent of our year-end goal. We need to continue on this path to success over the next ten months. We are asking each local association to host a fundraiser this year, and for members to consider upgrading their giving to the next level. For information on the different giving levels, please click here. You can also stay up-to-date on our progress by visiting the BOMAPAC section of BOMA.org. For more information on BOMAPAC fundraisers, please contact Government Affairs & PAC Manager, Meg Novak, at mnovak@boma.org.

  • February 28, 2020 2:26 PM | Dana McKeon (Administrator)


    Government Affairs Committee Meeting Summary Now Available

    During the 2020 Winter Business Meeting, the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) met to discuss issues of federal, state and local importance to BOMA members, as well as provide updates on energy issues and BOMAPAC fundraising. The meeting covered a vast array of topics and generated a robust discussion, especially during the state and local issues forum where BOMA Association Executives (BAEs) and local leaders compared and contrasted the trends they are facing in their respective markets. To capture the information conveyed at the GAC, we created an advocacy meeting summary document, which outlines subcommittee updates and includes new resources. Participation in our advocacy committees is an essential tool for BOMA members across the country to connect over common issues to build stronger defenses for the commercial real estate industry.

  • February 28, 2020 2:26 PM | Dana McKeon (Administrator)

    State & Local

    BOMA Releases Policy Brief on Climate Change and Building Emissions Policies

    The latest installment in BOMA International’s policy brief series, released at the Winter Business Meeting, addresses the difficult topic of climate change and how state and local governments are increasingly looking to the building sector for solutions. Climate Policies: Carbon Reduction and the Targeting of Building Emissions, focuses on the growing policy trend to dramatically increase “green” goals and initiatives without fully considering how feasible these are. While the intentions may be laudable, in some cases, the policies have centered on unfunded and unrealistic mandates related to building emissions. The policy brief aims to assist markets that haven’t yet dealt with these issues by providing background on several coordinated efforts to enact policy at both the state and local levels, as well as highlighting several large cities that have already undertaken ambitious approaches. As attention on climate change and resilience promises only to incre ase, commercial real estate can and will play a significant role, and this policy brief includes basic action steps to help ensure that related policies are fair and effective.

  • February 28, 2020 2:25 PM | Dana McKeon (Administrator)

    State & Local

    BOMA International Joins Fight to Defeat California Split Roll Proposal

    In July, we highlighted a looming confrontation over a California ballot measure on “split roll” property taxes that could potentially dismantle long-standing tax protections and result in an $11 billion tax hike on commercial real estate. For several years, BOMA California has been part of the leadership of a coalition of business groups, Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes, that came together specifically to confront split roll efforts and now has plans in place for a multi-million-dollar advocacy campaign. At the Winter Business Meeting, BOMA International’s Industry Defense Fund (IDF) Oversight Committee unanimously approved BOMA California’s application for $100,000 in funds that will be matched by the BOMA local associations in the state. The largest award ever granted by the IDF, these funds will greatly assist overall fundraising in what is expected to be a very close ballot contest. The initiative will appear on the November 2020 ballot, and would require reassessments of commercial and industrial properties, creating a “split roll tax” because it would separate commercial from residential property. Not only would the direct effect in California be devastating to the commercial sector and particularly small businesses, but the measure also threatens to signal a dangerous precedent for other states that are looking for new revenue sources.

  • December 19, 2019 12:21 PM | Dana McKeon (Administrator)


    BOMA/Chicago Gains IDF Support in Fight to Protect Collective Bargaining

    BOMA International’s Industry Defense Fund (IDF) Oversight Committee approved an application from BOMA/Chicago addressing a new city ordinance that violates the collective bargaining process and national labor policy. In July, the Chicago City Council passed a Fair Workweek Ordinance, one of the more comprehensive “predictive scheduling” laws in the nation. BOMA/Chicago disagreed with the added mandate of a waiver to get exemptions for employees covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement—in essence, the city council is preempting collective bargaining by creating a waiver that will become a negotiated item. As the collective bargaining agent for member buildings, BOMA/Chicago is committed to defending the ability to negotiate labor contracts in good faith and defeating politically driven interference in the process.

  • December 19, 2019 12:20 PM | Dana McKeon (Administrator)


    BOMA Delegation Participates at Greenbuild Conference

    A substantial BOMA delegation was part of last month’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, the massive annual gathering of “green” building professionals. BOMA International Chair-Elect Shelby Christensen and Vice Chair Mark Dukes joined advocacy staff members John Bryant, Ken Rosenfeld and Maria Balzer-Pisciotta for the event, held this year in Atlanta. BOMA International is a longtime association partner of the event, which attracts thousands of attendees, bringing together a wide variety of perspectives dedicated to sustainability in the built environment.


    This year’s conference was headlined by former President Barack Obama, whose keynote remarks included an on-point reminder of the need to consider who bears the brunt of costs and mandates when developing “green” policies. The line-up of education sessions included a range of relevant topics, including zero waste, the state of the recycling market, resiliency, adaptability and the future of LEED. As always, Greenbuild served as a good opportunity to interact with contacts from partner agencies and organizations, including Mike Zatz, manager of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® Commercial Buildings program.

  • December 19, 2019 12:20 PM | Dana McKeon (Administrator)

    Building Codes

    BOMA Releases Summary and Cost Analysis of the 2018 ICC Code Changes

    During the 2018 ICC code development cycle, BOMA International achieved significant victories resulting in real cost savings for the industry. Overall, the average 200,000-square-foot new office construction will save $10 million in expenses thanks to the defeat of proposals that would have raised the cost of new construction and alterations by $49 per square foot—and many of these savings are also applicable to existing buildings. Additionally, several BOMA-supported proposals were approved that also reduced costs—in some cases by 20 percent.


    Some of our major victories:

    - Reduced inspections of mechanically operated smoke and heat vents from every year to every five years.

    - The occupant load factor for business uses has been revised from one occupant per 100 square feet to one occupant per 150 square feet.

    - Defeated a proposal that would have required rooftops to be considered a story in high-rise buildings.

    - Defeated a proposal that would have required whole building air leakage testing of commercial and multifamily buildings based on building size, climate zone, building use and the floor area of the conditioned space.


    You can view the full summary of the report here.

  • December 19, 2019 12:20 PM | Dana McKeon (Administrator)


    BOMAPAC Fundraising Exceeds Expectations

    Our fundraising efforts in 2019 broke records! This year we totaled $90,000 in contributions, a testament to the tremendous effort put forth by BOMA local associations and individual members alike. Some local associations hosted a fundraiser for the first time, while others continued to build on their fundraising efforts from previous years. BOMA/Utah raised the bar for future annual conference fundraisers with an increase of 50 percent in the amount raised compared to previous years. A special acknowledgement to Sandrena Robinson, BOMAPAC Council Chair, and Vice Chairs Manny Moreno, Cristalle Bozarth and Andy Taylor. Their guidance and tireless efforts made an incredible impact this year.


    In 2020, our goal is to raise $100,000. While ambitious, with the support of each local association, we are confident we will achieve this milestone. Let’s continue to raise the bar, so that we can increase our ability to connect with the lawmakers who understand real estate’s impact on the economy on both a local and national scale.

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